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Beyond quantum sight

Earth Essence Inc. is in the midst of a transformation. For 35 years I have offered consulting and assessment services for health and wellness purposes, by using innate intuitive abilities. I have spent much of my life dealing with the scrutiny of police officers (when searching for missing people and criminals), healthcare professionals ( when using empathy and telepathy to communicate for the infirmed and the voiceless), and individuals that were intrigued by psychics, or weren't sure they believed in extrasensory perception. Most I had encountered before the New Age movement thought of intuition as woo-woo and intangible. Because of those prior experiences, I spent the last 20 years studying the science of intuition and perception. What did I find? All living things have these abilities.
From 1994 to 2019, I, as the founder of Earth Essence, have provided consulting services, readings, physical body scanning to detect physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual imbalances within humans and animals. From 1994-1997 I learned to use my abilities to diagnose race car mechanical issues while in the NASCAR industry. Through those experiences, I realized that I could use the same techniques to assess humans and animals from the inside out.  
This year, 2020, E.E.I. shifting gears to teach these techniques full time. EEI is evolving, to take you beyond quantum theory. Teaching you what physicists today and of days gone by theorize about life, and share real stories that pull all puzzle pieces together--integrating physics, science, and intuition/perception--all of which are the core of our existence.
Beyond Quantum Sight, aka B.Q.S. is opening the portal between the world of mystery and intrigue, into the magical world of superintelligence and mind over matter; teaching you to SEE and experience the world BEYOND QUANTUM. 
Humans have lived in a world with psychic abilities, intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. You dropping into B.Q.S. isn't by chance. This is a fortuitous and sacred time. The Earth and its inhabitants are in great flux and the information offered here can help you trust your own intuition as well as assist you in caring for yourself, your family and friends when the resources we have come to depend on become scarce.
With the aid of Science and Quantum Theories, B.Q.S. can lead you to higher perspectives and is prepared to help you understand how amazing the body and brain truly are. Intuitive mastery is teachable, and with time and practice, you will trust the power locked within you. So, poke around the website, check out the blogs and saved blog talk radio shows. They are old shows, yet chock full of information. There is something for everyone. Otherwise, if you need support with health and wellness, let me know how I can help you. If you are here to develop your intuition/sensory abilities, email or text me. I am here to help. 
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