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Meet Nicole

Creating healthy sustainable futures and a legacy for the generations to come~




Founder & President of Earth Essence Inc. is transforming Intuitive practices teaching Beyond Quantum Theories. 

Henderson is a published author, intuitive health practitioner and teacher, motivational speaker specializing in medical remote viewing, sensory development, and life transformation.

She is a mentor and advocates for clients to assist with health and wellness, to help navigate the healthcare system, and aids individuals to find their ultimate path to using a whole-body approach to life.


Prior radio shows from Earth Essence Inc, ONE WORLD radio are listed on this site so that you can listen to old shows where Henderson provided remote health assessments and interviews.  These links will be archived for those interested in intuitive practices.  She is a board-certified counseling intuitive, medical remote viewer and instructor, shaman, advanced emotional freedom therapist (EFT), motivational and inspirational speaker, therapeutic empath and telepath giving power to the voiceless. 


Interested in the science behind intuition? Look for Dr. Anne Watson's, Flash the Science of Intuition.


Remote and in-person diagnostic assessments are available for individuals seeking a spiritual and multidimensional approach to wellness, empowerment, transformation, and success. Contact Nicole at via email at
Nicole.BQS@gmail.com or call (704)791-7638 for assistance on your sacred journey to healing and enlightenment.


Tools, skills & abilities:


  • Empathy and Telepathy

  • EFT

  • Remote Viewing

  • Energy communication/Bio-Sonar

  • Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapy (similar to Body Talk)

  • Psychometry, echolocation & Quantum Entanglement



Henderson is an instructor, teaching you how to tap into your own personal power, to heal and transform your life. 

For radio shows and speaking engagements and public appearances contact Nicole by emailing earthessenceinc@gmail.com or www.earthessenceinc.com



Remote Viewing techniques are also used for... 


EVERYTHING you can imagine!



 I AM an Empath, a Visionary and Futurist. I understand what it means to be YOU. 


I am able to feel what you feel, see what you see, how you see and experience life, how those experiences have affected or infected you, and SEE your divine life path by cutting through the static of life, to the truth of any matter.

It's as if I am ​‘WALKING IN YOUR SHOES’,


Schedule an interview/ Live interactive health forum or group teaching forums



(704)791.7638 nicole.bqs@gmail.com


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