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August 27, 2018

Have you ever had moments when you wonder if you’re psychic… or just really freaking lucky? The other day, I was driving down the road behind a small truck that had some cardboard boxes in it. I made a lane change for no conscious reason of my own and one second later...

One of the great loves of our life passed away on January 22, 2008 after a two-week struggle with a cancerous lesion in his abdomen.    

'Jake' was our black lab that my wife and I had gotten as a pup. We treated him as if he were human; an amazing love sponge...

August 7, 2018


I have hypothesized that energy, mass, and matter have been responsible for universal forms of communications, including sensory. The idea has been and is being researched at length by geneticists, cosmologists, physicists, biochemists and molecular biologist...

August 6, 2018

In my late 30s I began to further question my life purpose. It felt good to help people and by doing so, amazing events such as those I have described made me feel hopeful that there was a divine order or reason for my being alive and awakened to such gifts. I was enjo...

August 3, 2018

In my 20s I learned about the technique from a meditation coach that I had met in Florida. She told me that I could use this technique to extract information about anything by merely placing my hands on whatever I wanted to see into.  I could hold someone’s keys, a wat...

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August 27, 2018

July 26, 2018

July 26, 2018

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Alleviate distress & dissatisfaction ~ 'Tap in' to create peace inside and out

October 27, 2018

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