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New York, Thursday August 3, 1967 the New York Post Volume 166, No. 219 is released early morning with a front page cover that claims, By Randolph and Winston Churchill 2d ISRAEL’S SIX-DAY WAR; LBJ ASKS 10% TAX INCREASE, and the Yanks Sell Howard; Lady Cops Assigned to...



It is my belief that the secret to super-Human intelligence has not been a secret after all.  Since the beginning of time Humans have possessed the ability to...

June 21, 2016

The book is much better than the free sample. After the beginning chapter of the book, which I felt was a bit boring, the book gets very good. It's a fascinating read, very enjoyable and even captivating. (I read it in 2 days.) Early on in the book I would of liked to...

June 21, 2016

Did you read ON SACRED TIME? Tell other's how it affected or changed they way you look at life, and how you experience it now based on what you have read.   Don't be afraid to tell us if you need more help!  The techniques used and taught by this author will be easy fo...

January 28, 2015

Wow! I just read your chapter on pharmaceuticals and that is my story and more...


I had just moved to Charlotte, I went to the doctors I feared so dreadfully and they said you look fine. I made them take blood tests and they were fine. "Here is a sample of Zoloft."...

January 1, 2015

Dear Nicole,


Happy 2015!!! May your new year be unfolding with abundant blessings with every day that arrives…


I’ve wanted to reach out to you sooner, however with holidays and work…time has just disappeared!!


I’m so grateful for your time and energy extended to me wit...

May 1, 2013

Indigenous tribes understand the earth changes that are upon us. Visit Ahkima and listen to his message as he shares his knowledge and that of the Hopi tribe. 

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Alleviate distress & dissatisfaction ~ 'Tap in' to create peace inside and out

October 27, 2018

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