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  • Nicole Henderson

ADELE ~ H.O.P.E. Laser Institute

Dear Nicole,

Happy 2015!!! May your new year be unfolding with abundant blessings with every day that arrives…

I’ve wanted to reach out to you sooner, however with holidays and work…time has just disappeared!!

I’m so grateful for your time and energy extended to me with the reading – I think every day since then I’ve been reviewing and pondering your words… Staying focused and growing in spirit has been an “unknown” piece of my life since I’ve been small – I’ve always loved God, Jesus and Holy Spirit since I can remember – Going to a church carnival while others were vying for stuffed animals, I stood desperately trying to win the Infant of Prague statue (which I did and cherished through the years) – Raised with strong Italian and Catholic values, I was immersed in religion and battled what I desired and felt within – During a very difficult time when my husband’s business failed, therefore losing our home, vehicles and almost all material possessions coupled with my mother’s Parkinson disease, Janel’s abuse by an ex-boyfriend, Jessica’s relationship with Bruce and the murder of his mother and my severe health diagnosis… I decided to leave home and move into the friary here in Bethlehem (something I would never have thought to do prior, especially with so many challenges on my plate) I truly believe God was saying it’s time Adele to make a shift!! During my stay with the monks and working two jobs to try and recoup from the deficit of loss… I began to find greater peace and answers –

Of course life isn’t meant to be easy with every aspect, however almost 10 years later I see and am trying to understand the greater picture daily – When I prayed, walked and meditated on opening this business, I once more knew God was saying this is your path for the answers to your life – I’ve never felt more HOPE-ful and excited with the journey forward and your words of insight and direction continue to give comfort and peace!

I’ve been reading your book and couldn’t put it down the other night…magnificently written and understood!! You are one Incredible Spirit, my dear Nicole – I would love to have another session with you soon – I’ve been trying to support, be there and understand my daughters’ challenges through the years as their mother and then remove my “title” and just be there – My reason for wanting the girls to come to you was more greater understanding and I’m so grateful once more for your “gift” – I must say it felt for a bit after all readings and sharing that “darkness” was dancing again around me, and for a few days I was challenged with too much thought and tiredness – I shut their music off quickly and began my prayers and meditation – I continue to trust God with all that I so love and desire and know His Will shall master the greater purpose for all involved in my life –

Tonie and I are so appreciative of your desire to refer patients to HOPE and we would so embrace a future opportunity to share with one another how we could implement future business strategies, once more for the greater purpose of mankind – She also mentioned your mom possibly in need of this technology – Please let me know how we could assist her with anything she may need –

In Light and With Love…