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  • Nicole Henderson

Peace In Peace Out

Wow! I just read your chapter on pharmaceuticals and that is my story and more...

I had just moved to Charlotte, I went to the doctors I feared so dreadfully and they said you look fine. I made them take blood tests and they were fine. "Here is a sample of Zoloft." I said no thanks. Back peddle, I had been on the Merina IUD. I got sick. Badly, and they put me on 5 rounds of antibiotics in one year. It stripped all of the pads in my joints. I couldn’t walk or even make it up the stairs without my heart pounding out of my chest. But I have more… I had parasites rampant in my body from visiting the Far East for over 8 yrs and I had systemic yeast on top of that!!!

My husband at the time thought I was crazy, I thought I was crazy and I knew I would die if I did not figure it out. I almost died from the cleanses alone as I took to much of them and all at once. In retrospect, all of it is so wrong. I don’t watch the news anymore but my boyfriend had it on last night for a bit and there it was. The Merina IUD still being used and hurting women severely. I told him I hate that I did nothing about my experience. And then I read your chapter.

I died and came back to life all on my own. Nature saved me. The Tree of Life saved me. God saved me. I saved me. Mike Love from Matthews, Charlotte saved me. He is my angel who brought me back to life. My world completely tipped on it’s side. I survived for a reason. Mike called it energy cysts and they were locked in my knees and my throat. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t speak my truth. We did some hypnosis and I saw my current boyfriend and his daughter… I let go. 8 yrs later, I have my new life.

Nicole, it is an honor to meet you and I look forward to your workshop… I just told my boyfriend about it and read him your quote on the back of your book. I am praying that he says yes as he has an Incan heritage that screams to be heard. FYI, I am eternally on probiotics and natural hormone therapy all discovered right here in Charlotte, NC. And I am never ever ever leaving this area… North Charlotte. I am moving to waterfront access, Lake Davidson next month and I have an outreach in the works for paddlesports and at-risk peeps.

Nicole, thank you!