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  • Nicole Myers Henderson


Psychometry, also known as psychoscopy, is considered to be a form of extrasensory perception characterized by the ability to make sensible or logical associations by making physical contact with an animated or inanimate object. The word was coined by Joseph Rodes Buchanan in 1842 when he came up with the notion that all things give off an emanation. “The past is entombed in the present” said Buchanan in 1843, believing that all things of this world are an enduring monument. In 1885 he published the Manual of Psychometry: the Dawn of a New Civilization in which he detailed how direct knowledge of psychometry would be applied to and affect many various branches of science, elevate schools of philosophy and art, and further influence wide social change by enlightening humanity. Psychometry is seen to be a measuring instrument or measure of power that is therefore not limited to the psychic realm and instead is the capacity to measure all things in the Universe. I don’t believe Buchanan received the warm reception his idea deserved. Robert Todd Carroll called psychometry a pseudoscience and it wasn’t until 1989 when Leonard Zusne and Warren H. Jones wrote Anomalistic Psychology: A Study of Magical Thinking which methodically discussed the miracles of human consciousness and behaviors as violating the laws of nature, which is now being proven by cosmologists, quantum theorists, physicist’s and others within the sciences.

In effort to shift the attention of post and present day cynics I can only draw from an intimate wellspring of information; my own innate understanding that resides within the cells of my body (my personal experiences) and scientific sleuths of physics, cosmology and molecular biology. Over the many adolescent and adult years of my life I questioned the universe and how it works. I remember never feeling quite settled with the word psychic and I also remember how people responded to me when I shared my premonitions and spiritual insights. My questioning mind prevailed, making way for the universe to respond by awakening me to others that were also moved by unseen forces. The more notable Albert Einstein attempted to construct a theory that could explain all the laws of nature, starting with the tiniest atom and on to the largest galaxy. He used the constancy of the speed of light in James Clerk Maxwell’s classical unified field theory in 1905 to unify the concept of space and time.

The notion of there being a connection between scientific theories; theories based on the works of Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Peter Freund, Herman von Helmholtz, G. Feinberg, C.N. Yang and R.L. Mills, S.W. Hawking, Werner and Birgit Loewenstein, Michio Kaku, (among other credible scientists); and psychic experiences that were steeped in intuition and extrasensory abilities has never seemed ridiculous to me. Any attempt to disprove such seemed pointless because all things are made of atoms which are the basic building block of ordinary matter, and matter is anything that can be touched physically. Everything in the Universe is made of matter and matter are microscopic books of DNA [i], possessing the history of the humble beginnings of all things. Then there is energy. What is that made of?

Physicists determined that atoms were made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, radiating with its own unique energy signature. All things have their own signature meaning that no two can ever truly be considered alike. Just like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two are identical. We are beings of energy and vibration, radiating our own unique signature[ii]. Energy is the measure of matter’s motion. Even thought is made of energy which has been documented as possessing the potential to be faster than the speed of light.[iii]

When using psychometric techniques to measure the energies of a person or thing, our sensory body is essentially reading or decoding the spinning, vibrating, radiating energy signatures in order to understand what the energy we have encountered. Where did that thing come from, what history is held within its atomic structure, what does it like or dislike and what other connections does it possess can all be answered by allowing oneself to remain open to the transference and cellular communication that occurs when we use the sensation of touch to unravel or decipher energy signatures.

Quantum entanglement is another field of interest which suggests that 2 electrons will vibrate in unison when they are close together. Then when separated, they appear to be connected by an invisible thread or, rather, an umbilical cord emerges between them even if they are separated by many light years. When an electron is jiggled, the other electron senses the vibration instantaneously and responds. Physicists call the influencing of electrons at a distance entanglement. By merely thinking of someone or something, our thought is comprised of electrons. As a demonstration; (of the power of one electron within the process of thought); let us just imagine that an electron in one biomolecule hops on over to another electron filled biomolecule whereby they become entangled. That entanglement allows for the transference of information across a seemingly forbidden gap which is known as quantum tunneling.

A dancing or jiggling electron can be a tangible object and at the same time be an oscillation of energy.

Quantum mechanics holds that any given particle has a chance of being in a whole range of locations and…occupies all those places at once. Physicists describe quantum reality in an equation they call the wave function, which reflects all the potential ways a system can evolve. Until a scientist measure the system, a particle exists in its multitude of locations. But at the time of measurement, the particle has to choose just a single spot. At that point the probability narrows to a single outcome and the wave function collapses, sending ripples of certainty through space-time. Imposing certainty on one particle could alter the characteristics of any others it has been connected with even if those particles are light-years away.[iv]

In the quantum realm events unfold at speeds that would be unachievable with classical physics alone, as touted by author Mark Anderson in the February 2009 issue of Discover, Science for the Curious. He goes on to say that quantum phenomena is more so seen in laboratory settings, in vacuum chambers chilled to near absolute zero whereas biological systems are more notably warm and wet, filled with life noise that could potentially “drown out any quantum weirdness that could rear its head.”

How does this work in the real world?

If thought truly moves as speed in excess of the speed of light, then information can be sent from the mind of one person to another at breakneck speeds with little effort. We can even think about something; let us use the race car incident as an example; and all electrons associated with that race car can in effect transfer information by means of quantum tunneling as described previously. Please don’t think that I know or even totally understand everything there is to know about these occurrences. I am merely pulling all puzzle pieces together to show you that there is an underlying methodology and mystical force at work in and around our lives. If we take time to understand just how complex we are we can dispel any mysticism associated with abilities such as mine and realize that we can all perform acts such as these. I know…it’s exciting to think about being a part of an elite club of extraordinary individuals that experiences life in profound ways but the facts speak for themselves. These scientists have documented how the quantum world works; I just don’t know if they totally realize to what degree our vibrating bodies of energy can influence our environments.

In my world space and time hold little meaning. I think of something, or touch something and information is transferred from whatever it is I am focusing on and into the cells of my body to decipher. When an organ or system within the body is out of balance, vibrating or oscillating at a rate that is not healthy for that individual, my body realizes the imbalance and allows me to feel exactly what the individual is feeling.

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[iii] James Franson, University of Maryland, Theory of Relativity, suggests that light travels at constant speed of 299,792,458 meters per second in a vacuum. Thought or Information is said to move faster than light, breaking the light barrier and being random; often seen as useless and can include us researching into Quantum Entanglement and also Negative Matter.

[iv] Mark Anderson; February 2009 issue of Discover, Science for the Curious, Is Quantum Mechanics Controlling Your Thoughts?