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  • Nicole Myers Henderson

The Secret to Superhuman Intelligence


It is my belief that the secret to super-Human intelligence has not been a secret after all. Since the beginning of time Humans have possessed the ability to transcend space and time, to tap into any “thing” or realm to gather information and aid other fellow human beings. It is only now that Humans are more-able to grasp the complexity of our connectedness to all other things and, as the Earth shifts beneath our feet and scientists share profound new discoveries about our world, we are being asked by the sovereignty within the cells of our body’s to embrace oneness.

I chose to share what I have learned, sought for ways to encourage others to step into their divine power, and purposefully aid humanity in fully embracing the peace that comes when we are in alignment with a higher truth and purpose. I believe that the areas which I will discuss within this the upcoming blog will validate the manifestation or awakening of the “God-Human” consciousness which humanity is evolving toward. As a consequence of my own personal practices I am better able to expound upon how infinitely and innately intelligent we are, how capable we are to grow and develop, and without conscious effort, how we are able to connect to a divine outside force that delivers information to us continuously. We are all connected by this force that is not visible to the naked eye per se but, instead, is sensed on a much deeper level; by using a sixth or perhaps even a greater than sixth sense.

This energetic life force lives within the cells of the physical body, communicating with each other every millisecond of each day. It surrounds us and communicates with all other energies within our space, shaping our experiences in this world, and perhaps many others. How do I know that this is true? Well, this is my life practice and the works shared herein reveal how a fully sentient being uses all innate and taught abilities to maintain and restore balance within the body, connect with all things outside of the body, and utilizes each area discussed to work in numerous business platforms by uniting three areas of conscious development. The three topics of discussion are based upon:

1. Empathy, Telepathy, and Echolocation, which are forms of energy communication used in my own personal and professional experiences in order to help others understand sentient beings and inspire others to develop their own innate abilities for healing, growth, and attainment.

2. Cell Communication and Cellular Memory Therapy (here referred to as Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapy, CMDT), which shape the evolving human consciousness, and reveal how each can influence and create new paradigms of consciousness within our ever changing world. Works presented illustrate how we might further develop our innate abilities not only to communicate inwardly for healing but also use this form of communication to connect with other energies outside of ourselves to reshape space and time.

3. Remote Viewing, its history, how its protocols can be used for self-assessment, as a tool to analyze any life or business practices and, how we might utilize a newer modernized version of remote viewing protocol known as Medical Remote Viewing to substantiate its effectiveness, demonstrate how others can learn to use the related exercises for assessing the health and wellbeing of clients, family, and friends and also to assist healthcare practitioners to better diagnose and care for patients.

Integrating these distinct areas of willful communication and assessment reveal how modern humans are able to move beyond consciousness as we had experienced it prior to today, allowing humans to use their empathic and extrasensory abilities to better understand normal cell interaction, recognize echo location and energy transmitting abilities, and, utilize the tool of remote viewing for the purposes of communication, healing, growth, and attainment.

It is my belief that there is no better time than the present to expand human consciousness and move beyond the quantum perception. We are sensory, there is no limit to what we can do, and we can move through time and space to extract whatever information is necessary to restore balance within our body’s, our society’s and universally.