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  • Nicole Myers Henderson

Psychometry used for Inter Species Communication

Updated: Jan 19

In my 20s I learned about the technique from a meditation coach that I had met in Florida. She told me that I could use this technique to extract information about anything by merely placing my hands on whatever I wanted to see into. I could hold someone’s keys, a watch, or a ring between my hands and I would be able to pick up information about any aspect of the object or an individual’s life. The technique that I was taught was simple and did not require any force on my part. I didn’t have to think per se; all I had to do was be a willing and open conduit for the energy within the person, animal or object to come through me. By doing so, I was able to feel what they felt, see the world through their eyes, feel pressure and see colors around their body organs.

Psychometry stimulated an area of my brain that I did not know existed previously and it incited a new level of understanding within me, revealing just how connected we are to all things made of the same 'stuff' we are; atoms, mass and matter.

As I learned more about the process there appeared to be many uses for this skill set, so I jumped at every chance I got to touch and extract information from whatever I could get my hands on. Touching a tree made me feel as if bugs were crawling all over my skin and when the wind was blowing I felt as if I was swaying in the exact same way the tree was. Touch a dog and I could see through its eyes, see what it looked at, who it liked, didn’t like, how it ate, where it liked to go and so on. Touch a newly trained yearling and watch it win its first professional horse race. Touch a human and see through layers of flesh and bone; feel its sorrows and joys. Touch a race car and see what parts needed changing.

There seemed to be no end to what one could look at or see into by using the technique. As amazing as it felt, I just had to know how I was able to experience such things. It wasn’t enough to just say that I was psychic or intuitive. I had to know that there was a scientific basis for such abilities, so that other people wouldn’t be afraid of it, embrace it, and realize their own inner power.

Shared example of its use for communication, behavior modification and clearing:

I had received a phone call from a woman that had bought a retired race horse. She explained how the horse has been delivered to her farm in such a dis-eased state she wondered whether it would live. It took a very long time to bring this horse back from the brink of death.

Through that experience she (the owner) continued to fret about it getting sick again. She wanted to know what the horse was thinking and experiencing, and whether her worry was warranted.

I visited her farm and took that opportunity to lay my hands on the horse. Interestingly, the horse thought she was just there to heal and enthusiastically awaited the day she would get back to racing. She did not realize her career was over. I scanned her body and allowed my body to feel what the horse was feeling. She seemed a bit irritated that she was not working and overall just felt downright bored. Her body felt pretty well balanced except for a hip and hock/hoof imbalance. Other than those, she was ready to go. I explained what the horse was sharing, and that she was not at all ready to stay there, doing nothing. The owner mentioned that she was thinking of retraining her for a different discipline. We discussed that and I relayed the information back to the horse, also being mindful to tell her that where she was currently residing was in fact her new home. She would not be returning to her previous race track career.

The owner, horse and I discussed the muscle memory that was embedded within the horses body and how it would be necessary to accept a new form of training. The horse admitted it might be difficult at first due to the number of years she traveled in one direction on the race tracks she had raced on, yet she was willing. She liked the energy of her new owner and she wanted to please her.

I ended the session by taking time with the owner. Communicating what I was feeling within her body and how her first experience with this horse triggered a PTSD response. I shared how that experience set the stage for cyclical, negative thought patterns to manifest, whether they was true or not. Day one-making their first energetic connection-empathizing with the horse-created a emotional and energetic trigger that held her suspended in anxiety. We then discussed how she could confirm what I was telling her about the relatively good health of the horse. We added in other therapies that would help with the horses hips, legs and hoof and talked about what the horse would enjoy doing.

The last time I heard from her, horse and surrogate mamma were doing quite well. The horse was being retrained into a new sporting discipline and handling it very well.

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