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  • Nicole Myers Henderson

What happens when we act with deeper intention? Magic, I say! Pure magic.

In my late 30s I began to further question my life purpose. It felt good to help people and by doing so, amazing events such as those I have described made me feel hopeful that there was a divine order or reason for my being alive and awakened to such gifts. I was enjoying my experiences although there seemed to be no natural flow or order to them. Other people in my life were worried that I might burn myself out and as I considered their concern I realized that there was a need to be more aware and purposeful with my abilities. If I were better able to channel my energy, I might be able to determine the source of the omnipotent energy that was at work in my life.

As I contemplated how to best use my energy I also had to consider how I had used my energy up to this point, which initiated this next event.

My husband and I had started a lawn care service when we first met. After a few years of drought, we were finally blessed with a series of rain days which put us behind with our clients by two weeks. My husband was working at the police department at that time, so I decided to load the equipment and set about the task of completing 50 yards; a virtually impossible task for one person to do, as I could only ever manage to get 14 done on a good day. Realizing that I would push myself to do more than I was previously able to complete, I decided to treat myself to a chai tea as motivation to go above and beyond my past performances. As I pulled through a local Starbucks to make my purchase I awakened to a new realization. I spent a fair amount of time fixated on the things I thought I had to do each day. Not once had I ever prayed for direction or asked the Universe whether there was anything I could do to assist in the higher order of life. As that thought filled my head a new, more peaceful feeling entered my body. It felt as if my brain was expanding, triggering a portal to open at the top of my head that connected me to all life and the Universe. As I relished in the newfound sensation I noticed something else. Something, or maybe someone was in the vehicle with me, although I couldn’t see anyone.

As if my voice were not my own I spoke aloud in a way that felt foreign. “I spend each day thinking that I know best. I know I have a number of yards to do today but for once I would like to see a higher power at work in my life. What can I do for you today?” I asked this of the invisible force that was there in the truck with me that day. Words that were not my own filled my head, offering specific instructions that I was to follow. It happened so quickly there was no way I could have made up such things.

“Drive 9 miles north on route 29. There you will find a white car on the side of the road. Stop to speak to the woman in the car.”

It happened so fast I couldn’t ignore what I had heard. There was no doubt in my mind that something submitted the request because I asked for direction. I had never experienced anything like it before so, knowing my day was my own I decided to go. I would get done whatever jobs I was capable of doing after I did what I was told. I set the trip meter, as if challenging the information that I was given.

I sipped my chai tea, listened to some classical music and I bet you can imagine my surprise when I crested the top of the hill, just before the nine-mile mark, and saw a white car sitting on the roadside. I pulled behind the car and noticed a woman leaning into the back fastening her children into their seats. Not really knowing what to say I stepped out of the truck onto the running board and waved to her.

She leaned out of her car to address me.

“Hello, are you okay? Can I help you with something?” I said.

“No, thank you. My sister had just dropped us back off to my vehicle after a short shopping trip and I was just getting the kids situated so that we could head to the house.”

“You’re parked in a bad spot on a busy road,” I said. “I am happy to wait until you get the kids situated.”

“That is very sweet of you to want to do that, but I am almost done. I really appreciate you stopping. People don’t do this anymore,” she said with a heartfelt smile. “You can go on, we will be fine.”

“Are you sure?” I said.

“Yes. Thank you.”

I proceeded to get back into the truck. As I began to pull away I noticed that she was crying. She waved at me to stop. I put the truck in park and stepped back out onto the running board. “Yes, is something wrong?”

“I am not sure why I am telling you this but, this morning while praying I asked God to show me how much he loves me. I just realized that you brought me my answer.”

With tears in my eyes I whispered, “Yes and you have no idea just how much.” I waved goodbye and pulled away.

I didn’t know how to tell her what had just happened that took me out of my way, away from starting my lawn care jobs to have this brief encounter with her.

You want to guess how many yards I got done that day? Even starting the day in a huff for having so much to do the day went by without a hitch. I was able to do 25 yards with no more effort than what it took to do 14 of them in the past. It was amazing! Now the odd part is...I haven't been able to do that many since that day. Either I am getting too old for this type of labor or the Universe (God) is just that magical. I prefer to accept the magic. ;-)

These instances and many more flamed a fire within me. I had to know how I was able to do these things. I started by looking up the word psychic in the dictionary which implied that experiences such as these would be considered outside of the sphere of scientific knowledge and of the human mind. That people with such abilities were sensitive to supernatural forces that could not be explained.

That wasn’t good enough for me and I had to know more. I have always felt that I was born with these abilities. as I believe we all are. Our brains are malleable and I have seen people develop their intuitive skills that never thought they had an intuitive bone in their body. So, what makes one person use them and not all people? The short answer - Intention!

Do we have to possess the desire to tap into such skills or must we be taught to use them? We have to exercise our sensory muscles. Develop a new muscle memory and learn to tap into it and/or use it at will. As we do the magic happens. Only then will be begin to truly trust and use the abilities with purposeful combined intention.

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