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  • Nicole Myers Henderson

We Are One and Life Will Go On

Updated: Jan 19

I have hypothesized that energy, mass, and matter have been responsible for universal forms of communications, including sensory. The idea has been, and is being researched at length by geneticists, cosmologists, physicists, biochemists and molecular biologists among others. Famous men and women of the past and present (Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Wilhelm Röntgen, Peter Freund, Herman von Helmholtz, G. Feinberg, C.N. Yang and R.L. Mills, S.W. Hawking, Werner and Birgit Loewenstein, Michio Kaku, J. Trainer, Bernard Reimann and Niels Bohr) have shared their life work vivifying the origin of the universe. Much research has been done within the fields of energy, mass, matter, the microscopic world, cell theory, cell communication, space, time, dimensions, mathematics, information theory, molecular biology, gravity, the theory of relativity, atomic structures, neurons, quarks, ion channels, quantum theory, electromagnetic radiation at length to quantify and qualify each and more.

I find quantum mechanics particularly fascinating and believe there is more to come. Some may find it difficult to grasp because "Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real,” suggests Niels Bohr.

Separately, research within the fields I had mentioned above could be considered a microscopic section of a larger puzzle. Yet, together they substantiate the existence of the power that vibrates and lives within all things that are of and on this planet as well as within every universe and galaxy that exists.

Let us contemplate the topics as if each was a puzzle piece. When the puzzle pieces lay apart from one another, some dead ends exist and may even nullify one or more of the others. Yet, collectively as the pieces fit into their respective place, our successes multiply. The one truth...the whole, is an amalgamation of those puzzle pieces.

Further research revealed that many scientists focused upon one specific area while one fought to unify them. Einstein. I think he had it right with the Unified Field Theory, and I further postulate that sensory beings prove that all things are affected by all other things in their environment, and beyond. We are all made of the same 'stuff'.

As we look at our place among the other puzzle pieces we see that the human brain, body, and consciousness have developed over many hundreds and thousands of years. That won't change. All life forms will continue to evolve because the changing environment silently demands that we do so. Life will go on. We will continue to adapt and overcome.