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  • Jessica Clark

My Motor’s Message - An inquiry into our ability to sense the world around us

Have you ever had moments when you wonder if you’re psychic… or just really freaking lucky? The other day, I was driving down the road behind a small truck that had some cardboard boxes in it. I made a lane change for no conscious reason of my own and one second later a huge box flew out of the truck. A metal pipe that was in the box banged past me, right where I had just been driving. I didn’t feel lucky, I felt tapped in. I don’t know if I believe in luck. I believe more in the intelligence that surrounds us, and the energy of all things. I believe that we can consciously and subconsciously tap into our surroundings in a deeper way that transcends both time and space. I have heard way too many stories of people having extrasensory abilities to not believe in it! Plus, animals always seem to know when earthquakes and storms are about to hit. It makes me curious about how we humans can better tap into our surroundings; like hooking up to Wi-Fi. Books for example, are used to tap into information and the more you have, the bigger your knowledge base. Now we have the internet. and Wi-Fi. Once you’ve hooked up and linked in to infinite amount of information, you can look up anything on the internet in seconds. The only difference between Wi-Fi and books is a password and computer that acts as the tool that hooks you up to more. Without the hardware how do you connect to the infinite amount of information that is 'out there'? What’s the password to this universal information system and how do I consciously get on-line? I mentioned this because of what I am about to share.

I went to a national race in Oregon where I experienced something of an extrasensory nature. First let me say that my car owner takes really good care of our racing equipment. We had just had one of our motors tuned up during the previous season. This was our primary motor and we always have a backup because of the long distance treks we make for our races. One smokey summer day we were set to race at Southern Oregon Speedway. I swear, every time we go up there the state is partially on fire. August is brutal on the West coast people, it’s no joke. I digress. Anyway...I was super excited to hop on track to see what the setup on my car felt like. It had been two years since I last raced at this track and I made all of the setup calls on the car myself; I even built some new shocks specifically for this track. The day was going by slowly and I was finally called for tech inspection. I hopped in my car and fired it up and immediately thought; “This motor is going to blow up today”. I also had an image/feeling of the motor and it felt slightly hurt somewhere inside; on the left to be exact.

Just so you know, this isn’t a normal pattern for me, to have thoughts that just pop into my head at random times. The only other time I had this exact feeling/thought was in a modified, and the motor blew up that day too! So I’m going to pause here to ask a few questions. "What do I even do with this information?' Do I go tell my car owner, “Hey I think this motor is going to blow up today but I have no evidence as to why I think that other than the fact that I just have this feeling?" I don’t know what would have come out of that situation, so I brushed it off because the motor was running fine. Its vitals were fine, oil pressure and water temp looked good too.

I went through tech and completely forgot about this message that I had received. Later that day, I was able to get on track for hot laps. On the dirt, we don’t get many laps to feel out the car, but it was a Friday prelim night so we had more time for practice. I went out for my first session and the setup I had in it was freaky feeling at first, but boy was it hooked up! I ran the fastest time out of all 53 cars there. Pumped up and ready for the race night, I went out for one more session. Half way through my motor bogged down and totally laid over. I got off the throttle, then got back on it. Same thing! I pulled out of the way and stuck my hand out the window to signal that I was slowing down to get off the track as I simultaneously looked at the gauges. The water temp had risen to 270 degrees, then I looked at the oil pressure and it dropped to zero right before my eyes. I couldn’t hit the shut of switch fast enough as I coasted to a stop. She was toast. My motor had just blown up, and then I remembered; 'it told me it was going to blow up' earlier that day! What the heck?!

I’m not sure what I could have done differently other than watch the gauges like a hawk all day. It was interesting to have this experience. It reminded me of the time my modified motor blew up and it makes me wonder what I was tapping into to get this information and why. Was I tapping into the motor itself? That’s certainly what it felt like. It wasn’t a conscious effort on my part either. I didn’t get in my car expecting to get this information from my motor and the information was correct. So, how do I use this as a tool to better my career as a driver, and how do I learn to communicate with these inanimate objects that I use to propel me around race tracks at high rates of speed? Is it even possible?

Sensing my motor’s message felt experiential. I felt like I was part of the motor and I felt like I could see it at the same time, like a hologram. So, this is the part where I ask my questions and then I become very quiet. I take some deep breaths and then I ask my questions. Maybe I’m talking to my angels, maybe I’m talking to guides, or to my Higher Self. For now I will just call it my Inner Council because I’m sure it’s a conglomeration of all those things I just mentioned. Either way, I will share the inner conversation that took place as I quieted my mind and moved into answer seeking mode.

"What am I tapping into subconsciously when I sit in my car and the motor tells me it’s going to blow up?"

The answer came; "You are tapping into the essence of your motor. All things are made up of atoms and particles and those atoms and particles have energy that signals to each other. The signals do not have boundaries, they ripple out on a constant basis at a constant rate of speed, unending and not beginning either, just rippling. Just energy constantly vibrating through space. Your motor, a solid object, may seem like a dumb piece of metal to you, but it is in fact a vibrational piece of intelligent energy. Since all things are made up of the same energy, just in different forms, this energy is constant and can always transmit to the energy around it. You are energy, and that may be easier for you to comprehend because you move and breath and think and have a beating heart but do not mistake movement and organic matter for the only form of energy. There are infinite densities of energy, some more dense than others. Solid objects are dense forms of energy, but are made of energy none the less! This universal energy communicates through energetic impulses that show up in your mind as a sensation, picture, thought, feeling, or a combination of all of these things."

How did I subconsciously tap into this energy and get a message from it?

"You sat in your car without any sort of resistance. You were excited for the day and you combined your energy with the car’s energy. The way you combined energy with this object is through receptivity. You were sitting in a receptive mode, although you weren’t consciously receptive i.e. you weren’t looking for information. You still received the information because your energy was flowing outward and feeling around almost like a antenna. Your learned beliefs and behaviors weren’t creating walls around your mind and senses because you didn’t have anything that triggered this type of reaction within you. If you try to consciously sense your motor, your drama and your skepticism would mostly likely keep you out, it would keep you from truly sensing and tapping in. The best way to consciously tap in will take some practice. You don't need anything to do it. although you do have to release your learned beliefs and society’s skepticism. You are magnificent and you have this ability to see, hear, and feel everything around you. Now, you may not want to see, hear, and feel everything around you and that is perfectly fine. It is all about fine tuning this skill and using it to assist you in day to day life. So, sit, breath, ascend up the rungs of your awareness. Peer from your heart center and your spirit and then sense into something, then tap into the energy of the object of your choice. Allow impressions to flash before your mind’s eye and feelings to come through. If you have a question on the validity of your messages received, come up with a yes or a no system."

"Let’s do that right now. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and ask your higher self to show you what a yes feels like. A yes for you feels like and upward rush of energy through your spine to the top of your forehead! It’s an excited feeling! Ask your higher self what a no feels like. A no for you feels like a downward movement of energy like you’re being pulled down by gravity, it is not expansive, it is contracting energy. By tuning into these messages you will better understand the information you receive at first and this will help tremendously!"

Amazing how this conversation with my higher self can be so in depth! As you can imagine, I was loving how specific the message was. So, my inner council continued.

"The next time you are in your race car, take a deep breath, move up to the highest level of vibration and awareness you can sense in that moment. View things through your heart space and just feel around. Feel the energy. Don’t look for stories, don’t look for things that are wrong, just sense, just BE with your race car. If anything, this will help you stay tuned in and ready to drive it at its limits. It may also reveal an issue. Just tune in and have fun learning how to use your natural ability to sense the world around you in a deeper more meaningful way! And, if you have any skepticism ask for a yes or no and get clear on the information that comes."

Okay, so there are my answers to my own questions. I have no idea what the scientific validity is behind these words. This is not my normal mode of operation. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Studies and I race cars, I feel that people’s experiences should never be discounted even when science tries to dispute them. I speak from experience when I say that I sensed into my motor and received a message from it. That message proved itself as valid. So of course, I’m going to try all this 'tapping in stuff'! It sounds like fun, and if it helps me become a better race car driver, as well as a better human, I’m all in!

Love, Light, and Horsepower,


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