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  • Nicole Myers Henderson

Respect and Empathy, for those that protect our freedom.

Updated: Jan 19

One summer day in 1999, I met this wonderfully somber and burdened soul that came knocking on my door. As I greeted the unexpected newcomer, I couldn't help but notice his pain.

I welcomed him into my home noting the inner scars the wounded warrior carried. Those that survive don't always carry the physical scars. Most are emotional-not visible to the naked eye. Many of our soldiers carry the same, or worse. I think about the guilt, shame and misery those that protect are burdened to carry throughout their lives.

Gregg Spieth passed away August 15th. He knew it was coming. Interestingly, we had spoken about ascending a week or so before. He said he was ready to go. Whether it was a spiritual ascension or a physical one, he knew something was coming that could not be stopped, He had had a heart attack quite some time ago and crossed over, yet came back without the memory of crossing in tact; a memory he dearly wished he could recall.

The 'ascension' he intuited turned out to be a "I have to leave my body" version.

The lives this man touched have been blessed by his presence. I give thanks and gratitude for him today by sharing a smidgen of his story with you.

He was an advocate of self-responsibility, knowing that modern day medical practitioners were limited in what is available in terms of healing tools and practices. He knew the key to living a longer life with minimal suffering had to start with self-examination. He felt that no doctor could help him until he had confronted the demons that dwell within.

Gregg was a Vietnam veteran. He appeared in my life at a time when he could no longer shoulder the physical pain that plagued him.

As I reread my old notes from our first encounter the story went on as follows...

New client enters with extreme back pain, stating that he had seen every type of doctor that he could think of, and up to that point in time, he had gotten no relief from any of those modalities, nor any medication prescribed to treat the excruciating pain. I reached out to shake his hand and welcome him into my home. He took my hand willingly with tears in his eyes as I invited him in to take a seat in the living room. He seemed surprised by my hospitality. I motioned for him to sit on the couch as I went to fetch some water. I set his drink down and immediately began my routine of energetically inspecting the organs of the body that sat before me. I wasted no time in mincing words; this too surprised him.

By intentionally activating my inner sight and the sensory cells within my body, I focused on asking the cells within his body to show me the origin of his dysfunction. The information that echoed back into my cells revealed that his back pain was only a secondary imbalance and that the “trigger” resided within his stomach and revealed that this was something that could be healed. I then sent out another “call” or question, asking the stomach to tell me what emotion resided within 'it' that was causing this specific dysfunction. The information retrieved by my cells suggested that the imbalance within his stomach was triggered by guilt- guilt about an experience that had to do with food. I opened my eyes and spoke into him sharing what his body had said. His back pain was not the primary imbalance and that it was his stomach that held the dysfunction instead.

He got visibly angry about this and began to get up to leave. I reached out and took his hand to comfort him. I asked him to keep an open mind and allow his body to communicate with us, without fear of judgment, criticism or rationalizations. I told him he could trust me and that his body wouldn't just make up something like this. Not only would he need to trust me, he would need to trust his body; something he had long given up on and lost faith in.

Although he did not understand the process, he agreed to try. After some deep breathing exercises, Gregg closed his eyes. As he did, I began to ask specific questions for his cellular body to answer. I did not ask him to answer from intellect or conscious mind, but rather, allow the body to answer. Firmly addressing his body, the inquiry went as follows.

Question: What emotions reside within the stomach? His body answered: Fear and guilt. I next asked, "If this is the truth, we ask that the stomach show us the very first memory that was stored 'within it' regarding fear, guilt, and food.

Without further provocation Gregg began to twitch, moan and churn in his seat, acting as if a bomb were going off inside of his body. With open mouth, no noise or breath inhaled nor released, he was mentally transported back to Vietnam where he and his platoon were starving. (He experienced it as if he were reliving the entire event.) He and one other officer agreed to venture out into the bomb trenches to forage for food for everyone. His sobs became more relentless, I sat patiently, as he watched the memories play out in his minds eye. Moments later, he caught his breath, enough to relay the entire filmstrip-like memory.

As he and his fellow comrade moved through the trenches, they ate some of the food they found before taking any back to the remaining platoon. The guilt seemed insurmountable!

Gregg had internalized his guilt and his body (particularly his spine and stomach) could not maintain good health because of how he felt about himself and his war experiences. The trigger? Eating the food he felt he should have shared with his platoon first. The manifested illness? Stomach issues that when ignored, left his spine (the energetic life signature - the main energy channel that maintained and sustained his life) to take a severe hit! Ignoring his stomach pain, as well as his unbridled emotions about his early military life experiences took years to manifest into physical back pain.

Almost instantaneously, as Gregg came to terms with the emotional burden of this particular experience an unexpected healing occurred. Without trying to fix the problem, his back pain disappeared. I don't mean that it petered off to leave some mild nagging pain. I mean, after 36 years of spinal pain, it left! Gone!

Gregg and I became long-time friends and relied upon one another to talk through anything that kept us from healing. I respected his council and admired him for his desire to support those in need. He wanted others to know that when life is at its darkest there is always hope.

Gregg always talked about wanting his military brothers to know how much he cared. He desired to share the gift of healing and raise awareness about the self-healing arts. He respected and appreciated all those that gave, and give of themselves in order that the masses get to experience the freedoms many take for granted today.

Thank you Gregg Spieth for your time in service and for being a man of faith and vision.

God bless all fallen service men, women, and canines that have served to protect our freedom; rest in peace.

Those still living with the visible and invisible pains of war, I respect you and empathize. It saddens me for war to still plague this planet. I pray man soon chooses peace, respect, and communication.

If you wish to share your experiences please do. Often healing occurs as we share our weaknesses and embrace our life experiences rather than try to bury or hide them from others.