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Alleviate distress & dissatisfaction ~ 'Tap in' to create peace inside and out

In 1985 I was introduced to a video taped movie called “Earth Changes”. I am not sure the documentary can be found any longer. If I find it, I will create a link and attach it to this site. I

It expounded upon the HOPI Indian predictions that we have experienced and that are continuing to affect our planet, our animals and the human race. As with any prophecy, time must pass in order to see the prediction come to pass. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Their predictions have been coming to pass. I remember 1995 being the year those earth changes accelerated. The earth has shifted, storms wreaked havoc, people and animals have lost their lives, and resources have been squandered. So what, right? So what! happens to be the mindset until someone goes through a major life changing event.

I am hopeful that the mindset will change and I am willing to assist in the transformation. I trust that the mass populous won't wait until it is standing on the precipice of change to connect and forge peaceful/peaceable solutions to everyday issues.

Can we live and choose differently than we did yesterday? I think so. What makes today different from yesterday? Today, we are smarter, bolder and perhaps better prepared to chose more peaceful ways of living. There are amazing resources available that help us to be more, be better, and choose new pathways that yield better results. Paths that foster respect and teach us to treat all creatures with compassion and care.

The 'Sleeping Prophet' and father of holistic medicine, Edgar Cayce, saw years ahead of his time to a day or age when peace would reign for a thousand years. I hope I am here when that movement occurs. Until then, I intend to focus on assisting in the realignment of an 'intentional-thought-is-power' universe that comes by way of tapping the innate wisdom that resides in and around us.

As the breaking down and building up of the Earth continues, know that forewarned means forearmed. Our intuitive nature is entangled with that of the God Source or Universal Oneness, the great 'I AM', that resides within all living things. We each are living, breathing conduits of energy that are exposed by nature to outside forces that communicate with our cellular body every second of every day. If we tap into that innate power and listen, feel, see, and think more deeply, we will find solutions to any problem we could potentially encounter.

Being forewarned; knowing that something could happen doesn’t mean we live our lives in fear; that instead, by tapping into this wisdom, we choose to remain open to the information that will come to us.

Consciousness linked to intuitive awareness can change everything.

To see that higher power at work in your life all that's required is for you to accept that you are capable and worthy of such power. Try to stay out of your head! For those that can't and spend most of their time thinking about all of the things they feel they must do; plagued by internal chatter that runs rampant; it can be a bit more difficult. I invite you to set healthier boundaries. Find a room in your home or a space in your backyard that you can turn into a sanctuary. Create a quiet space to sit, breathe and connect to nature. Deep breathing and meditation helps tremendously! Give yourself permission to close a door to the noise in your life, sit in silence and breathe deeply.

I have seen bad things happen to good people because they rush through life thinking the destination (where they want to be) is more important than the journey they are on in any given moment. Presence if key. To learn the exercise of presence begin with the above suggestion. Give yourself permission and create a space to turn off or tune out the noise. Surrender to silence and open yourself to a state of Universal Streaming.

To learn to listen to your I AM presence there are amazing tools shared by thought provoking people. The writing I shared in ON SACRED TIME was created for just that however I am not here today to try to sell you this book. I wrote it because Great Spirit asked me to help wake the masses from a long, unconscious slumber. I was told that by sharing my experiences and teaching the use of cellular communication it would help raise universal awareness and create peace. The energetic voice of the Universe said that the “time” we are living in is SACRED and that it's imperative that we recognize our own true gifts. It's a special time! A time for new beginnings. A time of inspired action and courage.

Mother earth is purging impurities and we are being asked to do the same; to treat each other with respect, to stop the senseless killing and panic peddling, to foster oneness and compassion.

As the changes take place and the impurities are being washed away you may notice that your body can’t handle the chemicals it once could, or the stress it once tolerated. We are shifting, transforming our beings on all levels in order to move into the future. Struggling or fighting the evolution will only create more stress.

To alleviate distress, you can choose to care for yourself first. The Universal I AM will take care of putting all other things back into balance in and around your life once you take the first leap. Don't worry if you don't have faith right this moment. That comes with practice. As you continue the practice you will experience the magic that exists and peace...is the gift that follows.

Imagine or visualize a river. Consciously, you know that the river flows in one direction. See yourself stepping into the water - feel the water push on your legs - allow yourself to give in to the force of the river and submerse yourself. Imagine that you lie back, letting your arms and legs lift and float freely, playing atop the waters natural flow. Now, imagine that there is no longer any struggle left within you. You have given yourself to the river and IT will take you to the place(s) you are meant to be.

The purpose of this visualization is to help you with releasing the feeling that you have to fight or struggling in order to find your direction in life. If you see yourself entering the current, moving up stream, this is a clue that you are struggling with life, and quite possibly, unhappy or dissatisfied with your successes. This also applies to those that see themselves enter the river, fighting the current to get to the other side. Here is an affirmation I use when I feel the need to hold tightly to an agenda that doesn't serve me, or the highest and greatest good for others.

Water spirit, I affirm that I will enter the depths of your soul, lift my feet and go with your flow. I trust you to take me where I need to be at this time in my life.

If you are excited to meet the divinity within you, feel free to order On Sacred Time. There are only 80 to 100 more copies in circulation. I am in the process of phasing it out to share new works more relevant to the already shifting consciousness boom. If you are more interested in the Science Behind Intuition, you will find Dr. Anne Watson's book on the order page as well.

Until we meet again, treat others as you wish to be treated. Namaste'

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