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‘On Sacred Time’: Kannapolis author issues new spiritual guidance for the living impaired

Published June 17, 2014 | By Chuck Raagas


KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — In the nationwide release of “On Sacred Time: Tapping the Power Within,” Henderson claims the God presence resides within every living thing. On Sacred Time introduces you to the divine oneness that resides within you and offers you the opportunity to evolve in a way that creates inner and outer healing, wealth, and higher wisdom.  


ON SACRED TIME, Tapping the Power Within is available used at Amazon.com and new here on this website. 


Help spread the word! The coming generations will be born to this planet to make great strides. It's time we all embrace the change, learn how to live beyond our outdated perceptions, and teach our children, family, and friends how to treat each other compassionately ~ fostering oneness and peace. 

This is the non-fiction account of my personal journey into Spirit; how I cultivated the gifts I was born with, how I came to know the God within all things; to learned to heal myself and others by tapping the power within.


Invest in your future, learn how to live on Sacred time and change the way you live, love, and share yourself with others. 

ON SACRED TIME Tapping the Power Within

"Nicole Myers Henderson, On Sacred Time"
FLASH! The Science Behind Intuition
Dr. Anne Watson
with Contributions from Nicole Henderson on Remote Viewing and Psychometry
Get your Pre-production copy here at a discounted rate. 
100 Preproduction copies were printed after first edits and before final edits. 
The title on this pre-production copy reads FLASH! The Science of Intuition
The re-edited version reads as listed here